We made it simpler, pay for what you use

With an e-wallet to handle your payments, you will worry less on idle cylinder tanks

About us

Contaf gas offers smart gas solutions for schools and domestic use. Pay for your gas on a single click and get your gas delivered as a utility.
Contaf gas offers value on reduced reliance of wood and wood-by products as fuel and give you immediate impact on the cost of school meals as well as inculcate an environmental conservation culture. Metered consumption ensures only consumed gas gets paid for

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Some facts

Why people choose Metered gas?

  • Delivery up to 24 hours
  • Pay per use
  • Low prices

Why Contaf Gas is the best?

E-wallet to handle your payments

We invest on infrastructure that are suitable for school's kitchen, home cooking and fireplaces as well as commercial in delivery of gas to the kitchens that allows use while holding the gas inventory. You do not have to put empty cylinders at home


Medical equipment | Office equipment | Plant & Machinery leasing

We specialize in getting our customers movable assets giving them the freedom to concentrate on their day to day core business.


Electric flame | Space heating | Bio-ethanol solutions

Bob's fire places is your space heating partner of choice, with over 5 years experience in Kenya. We have served above and beyond.

About us

Value proposition

This is the culmination of a dream that started with the birth of BOB’S FIREPLACES LTD in 2015. Our ambition has always been to eliminate the use of wood and wood-by products, to heat living spaces in the urban household. With the introduction of Gas Fireplaces, it was only logical that the requirement for gas plumbing to the kitchen would be next and we took the challenge in our stride – from Gas to the fireplace, to smart gas to the kitchen.

CONTAF GAS LTD provides a metered Gas solution that lets consumers pay for what they use and not for what is held in the cylinders or gas tanks.

heating, Gas plumbing and equipment leasing

Vision: To be an outstanding company that effectively delivers space heating, metered gas and equipment leasing solutions.

Mission: Dedicated to conserving our environment as we deliver alternative space heating and metered gas solutions to our clients with out most integrity and accountability.

Accountability- promote and encourage corporate and personal accountability.

Stewardship- Each one of us is a leader, who are self-driven and thrive in a team context.

Environmental consciousness- Help in curbing the drastic effects of climate change.

Client centric- Clients’ needs are always put first.

Inventive- use creativity and our playful nature to deliver differentiated solutions.

SDG’s :13 – Climate Action- Curb climate change and its impacts 5- Gender Equality- empower women and girls

Package weight consumption time Cost
3 tins of charcoal 1 h Ksh 300
Bundle of firewood 1h Ksh 170
500 grams (Avg) 1h Ksh 100